Different Units

Seed Farm :

Good quality seeds of Spices, vegetables and flowers produced and supplied to the farmers field.

Plant Nursery :

Set up for selling good quality planting materials to the farmers at a very nominal cost

Low Cost Poly House :

Off season vegetable cultivation to catch early market and to fetch higher price

Vermi Composting Unit :

Promotion of small unit at farmers’ level with two spices of worm (Eisenia foetida, Udrilus ugenia ) for organic farming with a view to improving soil health

Fodder Unit:

Promotion of improved breeding through use of superior breeding buck and preservation of best quality chevon and leather producing germplasm of the world. Motivate goat keepers to organize themselves into groups to establish large scale goat farm

Poultry unit:

Practical coverage on layer and broiler rearing

Poultry Hatchery Unit :

Distribution of good quality chicks to the beneficiaries

Piggery Unit :

For Training, demonstration and practical coverage.

Azolla Unit :

Training, demonstration and distribution purposes.

Information Unit :

a) Source Centre :
Farmers and farm women get information about the cultivation of different crops through charts, posters and models.
b) Library :
Maintained for gathering technical information about agriculture and allied fields
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