• Weed Management of Jute & Rice
  • Zero tillage technology of wheat cultivation
  • Training on SRI method of Paddy Cultivation
  • Skill training on
    1. diversified agriculture for profit maximization
    2. hybrid napier cultivation
    3. Jute retting
    4. nutrition management in Wheat,
    5. Compost and vermi-compost making
    6. Sample preparation for soil testing
  • Natural Resource Conservation In Terai and Dooars area.
  • Improved package and practices of
    1. blackgram cultivation
    2. potato cultivation
    3. boro rice cultivation following SRI techniques
    4. practice of Azolla cultivation
    5. orchard and cultivation practices of fruit
    6. practice of colocasia cultivation
    7. technique of Turmeric and Ginger
    8. Elephant Foot Yam, of onion and garlic
    9. marigold
    10. quality pineapple
    11. coconut and arecanut
  • Enhancing the input use efficiency in horticultural crops
  • Better space management for higher profitability in horticultural crops.
  • Cultivation of non- conventional winter vegetable
  • Nutrition Gardening.
Animal Science
  • Improve income through
    1. back yard piggery and poultry farming
    2. crossbred cattle farming
    3. Layer and Broiler farming
    4. Sheep and Goat rearing
  • Importance and prospect of integrated farming and organic farming
  • Importance of Zoonotic diseases in liveastock
  • Importance of Biosecurity in animal Husbandry
  • Zero tillage technology of wheat cultivation
  • Micronutrient application in Maize to increase yield
  • Zinc application in kharif rice to increase yield
  • Popularization of Jute product for entrepreneurship development among SHG
  • Foliar application of Boron in Rapeseed –Mustard to increase yield
  • Popularization of Broccoli as non conventional vegetable
  • Popularization of Red cabbage as non conventional vegetable
  • Popularization of Summer squash in summer vegetables (cucurbits) area.
  • Improved cultivation technique of turmeric
  • Introduction and popularization of Colocasia in forest village
  • Improved cultivation techniques of Gladiolus
  • Kitchen gardening for livelihood nutritional security
Animal Science
  • Fodder cultivation
  • Azolla –aquatic plants for multipurpose uses.
  • Introduction of RIR breed for backyard poultry.
  • Introduction of mineral supplement in cross breed dairy cows
  • Introduction of Bonpala sheep to improve the socio economic condition of the rural people.
  • Minimizing of Inbreeding depression Bengal Goats by maintaining organized Goat breeding farm
  • Assessment of integrated nutrient management practice in scented rice (var. Kalo Nunia) to increase yield and improve its quality..
  • Assessment of efficacy of biofertilizer with chemical fertilizers on growth and yield in rice under Teesta Flood Plain farming situation of Terai zone
  • Evaluation of Integrated nutrient management in Groundnut
  • Assessment of nutrient management for growth and yield of brinjal
  • Assessing the nursery technique for seedling production of winter vegetables
  • Assessment of freshness and self life of vegetables under different storage condition of rural household
Animal Science
  • Assessment of scientific management of hump sore of ploughing animal
  • Assessment for integration of Fish-Piggery-dyke vegetables to increase the profit margin for small farmers

The Mandate Of KVK

The mandate of the KVK includes technology assessment, refinement and demonstration of technology product.

Major Thrust Area

  •  Diversification and / or intensification of existing cropping systems.
  •  Integrated nutrient management.
  •  Resource conservation technology.
  • Sustainable crop production through improved production procedure.
  • Integration of viable components for development of integrated farming.
  • Germ plasm collection and its proper conservation.
  •  Breed improvement in livestock.
  •  Introduction and popularization of high yielding varieties and hybrid seeds
  •  Conservation and improvement of native germ plasm of livestock and crops.
  • Training of rural youth/school drop-outs on Dairy, Poultry, Goatery and Sheep rearing for self-employment.
  •  Nutritional and health management of dairy animals.
  •  Supply of good quality pigs for backyard pig rearing.
  •  Employment generation through improved agricultural practice.
  •  Integrated pest management for environmentally viable and economically feasible crop production.
  •  Supply of good quality high yielding seeds.
  •  Entrepreneurship development for the rural Women.

Other Extension Activities

  • Farmers’ Field School (FFS)
  • Village survey through PRA + PLA
  • Field Day
  • Agril. Exhibition
  • Farm Science Club
  • SHG Formation
  • Slide Show
  • Video Show
  • Extension Literature
  • Animal Health Camp
  • Vaccination Camp
  • Plant Health Clinic
  • TV Show
  • Monitoring and Evaluation through NGO-IDEA Tool Box
  • Radio Talk
  • Farmers interface meeting in collaboration with Farmers interface meeting in collaboration with NABARD.
  • Celebration of Special Days.
  • Awarness Camp

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